Cary's Cars DDD Traineeship

Poster for Cary's Cars DDD Traineeship workshop

Cary’s Cars is a car-sharing service that started operating in Amsterdam 6 months ago. The service operates 300 vehicles that are spread out over the compact city center. All vehicles are fully electric vehicles because of demands by the city as part of granting the free-floating fleet operating agreement.

After the customers reserved a car, they have 20 minutes to reach it. If the vehicle is in good shape then they accept a rental agreement using a smartphone app. From that point onwards they can start driving around. Pricing is straightforward: you pay per minute (e.g. € 0.24) and are allowed a maximum (e.g. 250 kilometers) mileage. meters mileage.

Tech Setup

Decide in which Cary’s Cars environment you want to work. The following example projects are available:



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