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Hi, my name is Marijn Huizendveld.
I help leadership teams at scale-ups to accomplish more with the people that produce their software. Let's learn to design a software architecture that handles your ambitious goals.

Portrait of Marijn Huizendveld

I will help you kick-off a learning loop to make your digital organization more responsive to change in the market, and once this loop is started, it will never stop. My goal is to upload as much of my experience to you and your teams, and to make me obsolete as fast as possible.

  1. Train Skills

    Marijn teaching a group of software engineers

    Domain-Driven Design, Event Storming, Wardley Mapping, TDD, event sourcing, and CQRS skills enable teams to evolve the model that powers your software.

  2. Foster Autonomy

    A group of four people sitting and standing behind two laptops collaborating

    Learn to love your legacy. Let's reduce bad dependencies and leverage existing systems, without introducing coupling.

  3. Refine Strategy

    A group of four people sitting at a table discussing strategy with computers and notebooks in front of them shown from the top perspective looking down on the table

    Strategy is more than setting ambitious goals. Make sure that all teams are working on initiatives that propel the organization forward.

Headshot of Sebastiaan Knijnenburg

With ten of our backend engineers we started with an extensive coaching program (Make the right turn) with as main goals increasing our ability to confidently split our monolith into smaller, independent and business-relevant bounded contexts, gain a better understanding of Domain Driven Design, to ultimately increase our team's happiness and velocity. Marijn's methods were a great fit for our needs.

Sebastiaan Knijnenburg, Principal Innovation Engineer Castor

Featured Appearances

One way to benefit from my knowledge is to visit an event where I am going to speak or host a workshop. Check out if any of my appearances fit into your schedule. Don't forget to let me know that you will attend.

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    No-code does not mean no-model

    At OOP 2024, München (DE)

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    DDD infused Wardley Mapping

    At OOP 2024, München (DE)

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    Decisions should not be boring to read

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    Commit early, commit often, even when the tests are failing

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