Domain-Driven Design and Legacy Systems

TL,DR; DDD and Legacy Systems is about understanding the landscape and slowly changing it to your advantage. In this course you will learn approaches that will help you achieve a steady stream of successes

Poster for Domain-Driven Design and Legacy Systems workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to apply Domain-Driven Design in an environment with a dominant legacy system.

The ‘why?’ behind this workshop

Do the corners of your mouth go up when you think of Domain-Driven Design? The ability to express behavior in your domain through model interactions. A shared language that is aimed at solving problems in your domain. The clarity of the code artefact thanks to tactical patterns.

All of these things are great on paper but how do you achieve them in an environment where legacy systems dictate what can and cannot be done?

Let’s face it, DDD is difficult in an environment with pre-existing software.

The result?

  1. Refactoring is costly and has a slow return on investment
  2. The inability to experiment prevents deep models to emerge

But what is the alternative? You certainly won’t try to rewrite the legacy system which took a decade to build… Will you be stuck with your anemic domain model forever?!


Join the workshop DDD and legacy systems

In this workshop you will be trained to solve a problem in the setting of legacy systems. You will devise pure models that can be applied in this setting using different approaches.

Together with some other attendees you will create a context map to communicate about the legacy environment. Once your team has situational awareness you can start modeling your problem. At the end of the workshop you should be able to demonstrate which of the approaches is best suited in a particular situation.

Should you attend this workshop?

This workshop is NOT for you in case you have significant practical experience with patterns such as the Bubble Context, the Autonomous Bubble, and Exposing Legacy Assets as a Service.

What will you be able to do after the workshop?